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Basic Manners Classes

Professional Dog Training from the comfort of home. 

Benefits of an online class: 

  • You will never "miss a class" if something else comes up unexpectedly.

  • You never have to worry about poor weather.

  • You can practice your lessons on a flexible schedule.

  • Your dog's class behaviour will never embarrass you! 

  • You don't have to split your focus between paying attention to your dog and listening to your instructor.

  • You can "attend" and teach multiple dogs at one time.

  • You progress at your pace - you don't have to feel rushed to keep up with the others in class.

  • You have daily access to your instructor with in-person feedback as you go vs. once per week. 

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What You will learn:

  • Basic Learning Theory - how dogs learn & how you can motivate them.

  • Specific skill-building activities to teach your dog the common "core" behaviours for pet dogs - Name Response, Sit, Down, Settle on a Mat, Wait/Stay, Leave It, and more!

  • How to implement these skills into everyday life.

  • How to make teaching your dog enjoyable for both you and your dog. 


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