CCT Online Manners Class:

Week 1

Game #1 - "Mark and Feed"

To practice training mechanics - teaching your dog the relationship between  verbal markers and reinforcement.  This will allow you to focus on your timing before jumping into teaching skills.  


  • Gather approx. 20 treats (if your dog LOVES his/her regular food, you may use regular food for this. If not, use treats).


Step One

  • Sit in a comfortable chair with your dog in front of you.  Count out 10 treats. With your dog near you, and your hand sitting in a neutral position (in your lap, for instance),  say "YES" and then immediately give your dog a treat.    Once your dog has eaten the treat, say "YES" again and deliver another treat. Do this for all ten treats.  Once all of your treats are gone, tell your dog "All Done" and stand up.

You are not asking your dog to do any specific skill here - you are just practicing the marker/treat sequence. It does not matter if your dog is standing, sitting, etc.

Step Two

  • Using the 10 remaining treats, repeat the exercise above, except this time you are standing.  Neutral position for this would be to hold your hands at your sides or quietly in front of you.   Practice the same "YES"/treat exercise for all 10 treats. When you have delivered all 10 treats, tell your dog "All Done".

Game #2 - "Get It" Game


The “Get It” Game has a variety of benefits and makes for a warm up activity. 

  • It will get your dog moving and increase its activity, allowing it to be alert and ready to learn.

  •  It will teach your dog how to look for reinforcement on the floor on cue, so that your dog knows when to expect food from your hand, as well as when to expect to look for food down low.

  • It allows you to use reinforcement to “reset” your dog to set up for a new repetition in training!

  • It will help build overall value for rewards! 


  • 2-3 different kinds of treat

  • A room or space that your dog has room to move in.

  • A non-slippery floor is ideal. 


Step One
Goal: To simply get your dog moving and seeking out the food that you toss! 

  • Take 10 treats from your treat selection. Stand in an area of the room that gives your dog the most room to move around.  Remain stationary - try not to move around too much.

  • Without moving, toss a treat on to the floor a few feet away from you. Let your dog get it. 

  • As soon as your dog has eaten the treat, toss another treat away from you in another direction. 

  • Repeat for all 10 treats. When those 10 treats are gone, ask yourself:

    • Is your dog finding the treats with joy and speed? ​ If yes, Move to Step 2! 

    • Is your dog struggling to find the treats?  If yes, try - throwing the treats less far; using a treat that shows up better on your training surface (light treat on dark floor, dark treat on light floor, etc); use a smellier treat.

Following the “10 treat” rule allows you to better evaluate your sessions and make necessary changes. It prevents you from training for too long (so that the dog gets bored or full), and also prevents you from sticking at one step for too long if the exercise is too easy.

Step Two 

Goal: Add a cue to let your dog know that a treat is going to be tossed, and that he/she should look for it on the floor. Otherwise, this game looks the same as that in Step One. 


  • Prepare 10 treats and determine where you will stand for the game. 

  • While standing still, say “Get It”, and then toss a treat for your dog to find.
    → Refrain from saying your cue and tossing the treat at the same time. Your dog needs to hear the cue BEFORE you toss the treat, in order to learn to start looking for the treat on cue. 

  • As soon as your dog eats the treat, say “Get It” and toss another treat. Repeat for all 10 treats. 

Play this game (in sets of 10 treats, so you may repeat this game a few times!) until:
→ Your dog is excitedly seeking out the treats on the floor.
→ Your dog begins to look DOWN instead of at you when he/she hears the cue. You might even notice your dog looks down and looks around to see where the treat is going to land.

Refer to the tutorial video below for a demonstration of both "Mark and Feed" and "Get It Game" :

Homework Submissions:


Please submit a video that shows the following three exercises:

  1.  YES/Reward while Sitting

  2. YES/Reward while Standing

  3. "Get It' Game

Once you are ready, upload your videos to the appropriate Unit on the Facebook Group! 

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