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Email, Phone, and Text Support! 

This is a new service that CCT is bringing to Island clients!  E-Consults are available to all Island residents.  This is an email and text support system that brings help to you from the comfort of your computer! You needn't worry about scheduling or travel fees! 

E-Consults are available for both single-topic problem-solving as well as one-month packages. 

E-Consults are not appropriate for addressing aggression, reactivity, or separation anxiety. 

E-Consults are a great way to address some of the following concerns:​

  • House Soiling

  • Inappropriate Chewing

  • Puppy Nipping

  • Digging

  • Countersurfing

  • Overexcited Greeters

  • Enrichment

  • Boredom Complaints

  • Nuisance Barking

  • Kennel Training

  • Management Strategies

  • Simple Manners

  • Pre-Adoption Questions

  • And more! 


Pre-Adoption Consultations

New Puppy?  Adopting a dog from the Shelter? Not sure what kind of dog is right for your family?

This 2 hour, one-time consultation will allow you to learn everything you need to know before getting your new dog so that you will be prepared. 

Behaviour Consultations

If you are experiencing problem behaviours that a group class cannot address, or your schedule does not allow you to attend regular training classes, a behaviour consultation is the way to go. 

Behaviour Consultations can be useful for (but are not limited to):  Aggressive or Reactive Behaviours, Separation Distress, House Soiling Problems, Excited Door Greeters, and Barking Problems. 

Good Manners Classes

Good Manners Classes are designed for dogs who need to work on their social graces, but who are otherwise social towards strangers and other dogs.  Good Manners classes include, but are not limited to: KinderPup Classes, Basic Manners Classes, Leash Manners and Recall Classes, Canine Life and Social Skills Classes, and more. 

*** Dogs who exhibit aggressive or reactive behaviours towards other dogs may NOT be suitable for group classes ***

Sport and Trick Classes

Sport and Trick Classes are great for those students who have gone through Good Manners classes and are looking for something else to do with their dog, as well as for those students whose dogs just need a job to do as part of its behavioural wellness.  Sport and Trick classes can be a great way to build a bond with your dog and have fun while doing it.  

Some Sport Classes that CCT offers are Trick Dog Classes, Dog Sport Foundation Classes, Rally Obedience Classes, and Scent Detection Classes

Private Classes

Interested in taking a class, but your schedule does not fit the class schedule? If so, Private Classes are for you! A Private Class is, simply put, the curriculum of a group class done one-on-one with you at an appointment time that works for you. 

*** Because Private Classes follow the curriculum of Group Classes, there is little room to edit the curriculum for other concerns.  Behaviour consultations may be a better alternative. *** 

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