Kim has always been an advocate for dogs.  She is a dog sport competitor, humane educator, foster home for dogs in need, and speaker for the humane welfare and teaching of animals.  Courteous Canine Training was opened in 2010, as a result of frequent requests from friends and colleagues seeking strategies to change companion animal behaviour and to improve the relationships between people and their dogs on Prince Edward Island. 

Since then, Kim has helped hundreds of families on PEI.  Whether you are raising a puppy from the ground up, starting fresh with an adopted dog, or trying to fix unwanted behaviours that have been happening for years,  Kim will work with you to set realistic goals and make concrete plans for behaviour change. 

Kim currently shares her home with 4 dogs, along with the many fosters that come and go.

VIP Treat Tester

Foster is a spokesdog for Shelter Graduates.  He enjoys sleeping under the blankets, invading your personal space, and alerting the world to the threats of the Squirrel Invasion. 

The Understudy

Zuma lives up to her nickname of "The Tiny Zoomie".  She spends her time learning new skills, schmoozing with whoever will allow her to, and stealing mittens and socks. 


Kash can often be found searching for his "lovey" and throwing it into your lap repeatedly for you to throw. He loves to work, and regularly adds his own flair to dog sport performances.

Office Clown

Keeper joined the CCT team in June of 2019. He spends most of his time hoarding household goods and Muppeting about with Zuma. He is working on his customer service skills as he tends to bark at strangers.